Research club «Civil Law Club»

Student research club «Civil Law Club» functions at the Civil Law Department since 2005. During the period of club activity, hundreds of students participated in the club, who later realized themselves as masters, postgraduate students and researchers.

The origins of the student research club «Civil Law Club» date back to 2005. Until 2007, the Senior Lecturer of the Department Yurchenko Yu. Yu. was the head of the research club.

In 2010-2011 academic years «Civil Law Club» was headed by the Assistant of the Department Korolov V. V.

From September 2011 to August 2018, the club was headed by Associate Professor Zelisko A. V. and Assistant of the Department Kozlov A. M.

Since 2018, the “Civil Law Club” starts its work in two thematic areas «Private Law» managed by the Head of the Department Heints R. M. and “Corporate Law” managed by the Professor of the Department Zelisko A. V.

The participants of the club take an active part in international and all-Ukrainian research and practical conferences, round tables, seminars, publish abstracts in research collections.