Educational work

The Department provides teaching of profile and elective academic disciplines for full-time and part-time students of the Bachelor’s degree and the Master’s degree.

For students of the Bachelor’s degree the Department provides teaching profile and elective courses:

for majoring 081 Law, educational program Law, in particular, profile courses: «Fundamentals of Roman private law», «Civil law of Ukraine», «International private law»; and elective courses: : «Family Law of Ukraine», «Intellectual Property law, «Commercial law of Ukraine», «Business law of Ukraine», «Competition law», «Inheritance law», «Governmental regulation of economic activity», «Protection of state, official and  private secrets».

 for majoring 081 Law, educational program International and European Law, in particular, profile courses: «Civil law», «International private law»; and elective courses: «Legal regulation of intellectual property in the EU countries», «Family law of Ukraine and  the EU countries», «Protection of consumer rights in the EU”, «EU contract law», «Legal regulation of business activity», «International commercial contracts», «EU company law».

 For students of the Master’s degree the Department provides teaching such profile courses as: «Actual problems of private law», «The contract as an universal form of legal regulation», and elective courses: «Non-contractual obligations», «Medical law», «Consumer law», «International commercial arbitration», «Personal non-property rights», «Acquisition, implementation and protection of property rights», «Protection of civil rights and interests», «Contract law of the European Union», «Services contracts», «Sanctions in civil law», «Judicial protection of intellectual property rights», «International family law», «Contractual obligations in intellectual law», «Corporate law of Ukraine», «Shareholder law», «Legal status of corporations in the law of the European Union (in English)», «Protection and defense of corporate rights and interests», «Corporate rights of spouses», «Corporative management», «Investment law», «Realization of corporate rights», «Legal regulation of the circulation of securities», «Universal succession in corporate legal relations», «Preferred rights in corporate legal relations», «Banking law of Ukraine», «Legal acts in corporate law», «Liquidation and bankruptcy of entrepreneurial companies», «Corporate property», «Legal status of certain types of legal entities».