Areas of Research

The research work of the Civil Law Department is carried out within the framework of academic studies: 

«Legal problems of property realization and no property person rights in the conditions of market economy» (state registration number – 0110U001557).

Supervisor: Doctor of Law, Professor Vasylyeva V. A.

Deadlines: 02.2010-02.2025

Goal: Installation of theoretical and practical problems realization property and personal non-property rights by applicable civil law and justification of concrete proposals for the elimination of civil law regulation of public relations

Expected result: thesis defense, monographs writing, publication of research articles, participation in research and practical conferences, publication of abstracts.

Research topic of academic staff of the Department:

  • development of research and theoretical justification of improvement of civil law regulation of corporate legal relations;
  • development of perspective legislation in the field of contract law;
  • identification of peculiarities and improvement of legal norms in the field of regulation of family law matters;
  • legal regulation of service provision and consumer protection;
  • improvement of legislation in the field of intellectual property rights.

On this topic, judicial practice is analyzed, round tables, research and practical conferences and seminars are held with the participation of practicing lawyers (judges, attorneys, notaries), theses, monographs, textbooks, research articles are prepared.

Civil Law Department actively participates in annual research conferences of the University, providing the work of the civil law section and research conferences held by other universities.

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