Research club «The European Private Law»

«The European Private Law» Student Scientific Club was founded in September 2023 at the Department of Civil Law. The functioning of such a scientific student group is intended for applicants of 1-4 years of Bachelor’s degree and applicants of 1-2 years of Master’s degree. It is also planned to involve students of the Law Department of Ivano-Frankivsk Professional College.

The basis for the creation of the group was the next activation of European integration processes and the need for students to acquire skills in comparative research. Such student research groups are trendy for both science and practice.

The head of the group is Doctor of Law, Professor Alla Zelisko.

Zelisko Alla Volodymyrivna has significant experience in scientific work with applicants of various educational levels, under her leadership numerous winners of All-Ukrainian scientific student competitions, participants of All-Ukrainian scientific and practical conferences have been trained.

The growing activity of European integration processes determines the urgent need to introduce specialised research focused on comparative studies into the scientific activities of applicants. This is an area of research that is promising and trendy in science and practice. Such skills develop criticality and logic of thinking, its scale and ability to work effectively in the international context.